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How to Be a Girl audio podcast

If you get a chance you really should check out Marlo Mack’s Podcast and blog, How to Be a Girl! I guarantee you will laugh, smile, and cry as you listen to their incredible journey.

Local Transgender student responds to bathroom protection reversal

A sophomore student at City High School, Miles Kleve says the guidance protection gave him a sense of relief, but now he says the fear is back. “I think, it’s ridiculous that people can’t go into a certain bathroom because that’s not what’s in your pants.” Kleve was 14-years-old when he realized he identified as…
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Trans teen and family interview on PBS AZ – Oliver!

Youth who identify as transgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual, or queer are more than twice as likely to attempt suicide, and studies show that that higher risk stems from their experiences of discrimination and victimization. Oliver’s journey as a transgender teen reveals the challenges some young people face just for being who they are.​ *Reporting for…
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My story – Diana T

I was born and raised on a small 600-acre farm in the Blue Ridge mountains, in 1971. My parents are very mountain Southern Baptist. Church was a large part of our life, going on average three times a week, where most often you would be told you are going to hell and there is nothing…
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Storycorps – Gabe Chris López always knew there was something different about her youngest child Gabe. Assigned female at birth, Gabe always felt like he was a boy. Gabe was always more comfortable in clothes traditionally worn by little boys (cargo pants and superhero shirts), but often switched back and forth between those and outfits often worn…
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