Camp Born This Way

A place for gender diverse youth and families.

Camp Born This Way is an award-winning Camp for Transgender, Gender Creative and Gender Non-Conforming children.

Camp Born This Way is supported by the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation as our current fiscal sponsor.  We are Arizona’s annual camp for transgender and gender creative youth and their immediate families. This camp is a dream come true for many families. C.B.T.W. allows transgender, gender-queer, gender-creative, non-conforming and questioning youth along with their families to experience a weekend free from bullying, harassment and judgment. Additionally, this camp seeks to strengthen the support networks available to these families beyond this one magical weekend.

Camp Born This Way was visioned, in part, by the TransParents Project.   The TransParents project was founded in October 2009. Their mission is to create and support a network of families embracing their children’s gender non-conformity in a kind and loving manner.  TransParents currently provides a monthly support group for the parents of gender-diverse children from across Southern AZ, offers education to help the broader community better understand the unique experiences of their children and families, and provides opportunities for their children to connect and socialize with one another.