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National Geographic Gender Revolution special

If you didn’t get a chance to see the National Geographic “Gender Revolution” special, it will be free to watch for a week starting on the 14th. You can see the talking paper from the special here. What an amazing special!  I was personally worried about which way this was going to lean and it…
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6 Facts About Affirming Therapy for Trans And Gender Non-Conforming Youth

Fact #1: Affirming therapy does not railroad youth into transitioning The entire point of the affirming approach to transgender and gender non-conforming youth is to NOT push them in any particular direction, but to give them a safe space to explore their identity and expression. Pushing them towards transition goes entirely against this concept. Dr.…
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This is a new site, an inspiration and hopefully it will grow and the community will find it interesting! I woke up the other morning and thought it would be a great idea to do this, and I will be looking for ideas, input and bloggers! I want to turn it in to a local…
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