Bit of a rant about the state of the United States.

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Bit of a rant about the state of the United States.

This is the country we have become.

Hate crimes labeled domestic terrorism. It was just a club full of LGBT people, had to be a terrorist attack, because we know there are no group or people who hate gay clubs.

Children gunning down classmates and teachers with assault weapons. But hey it isn’t the parents fault they didn’t lock up their guns.

Rapists off on “good” behavior in three months. Because we can’t damage the potential future of the white, college, sports playing offender, even though the victim will suffer for the rest of her life.

People of color incarcerated 4-5x higher rates, with sentences 2-4 times longer for similar crimes as white people. Because there’s not white privilege right?

Kids are sexualized by media and clothing manufacturers, and abused by their family, priests and strangers. But hey it’s okay to have princesses in tiaras! It’s okay to sell little kid shorts that show ass cheek, because mom wears them!

Transgender murder and assaults fill our news feeds, for those of us who care. But gods forbid if we want equal rights and health care. We want to pee! Oh my god, and in the bathroom that matches our gender identity.

Women still fighting the pay gap, daily sexual harassment, and objectification. But let’s ask what she was wearing or drinking if she’s raped, because it must be somehow her fault.

Collages have to teach ADULT men what consent means. Because apparently men feel that a woman who is unconscious wants to have sex and doesn’t understand why they are upset.

But fuck it, let’s not care, let’s argue about our favorite Dr. Who, make memes for May the 4th be with you, fight about who is going to be the next top model, or win the voice.

Tell me again what make our country great?

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